heartwood: when the lights are on, 8x10

heartwood: when the lights are on, 8x10 print, edition of 6

grand teton at sunrise, 16x20print, edition of 3

sand dunes, 16x20 print

bobby socks trees, 16x20 print, edition of 3

underneath the tree of life, 17x22 print

great smokies, 16x20 print, edition of 2

by the road, 17x22 print, edition of 3

glacier, 16x20 print, edition of 2

rainstorm over red rocks, 16x20 print, edition of 4

sunset on the u.p, 17x22 print, edition of 3

telephone lines, 16x20 print, edition of 3

badlands yellow mounds, 16x20 print, edition of 2  

dressing up: tomato, 16x21 print

dressing up: pear, 16x21 print, edition of 3

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